Sauna Island Experience Day, 6h

Tampere, Sauna experience, Risteily


We set off from Mustalahti Harbour and arrive at Peronsaari after cruising for an hour and a half in a Finnish lakeland. The island has a wood-fired sauna, a few cooking stoves and an exotic atmosphere, as there is no electricity on the island.

You can heat your food over an open fire – or at least fry sausages. There’s also a big frying pan – if not two – under the roof, and gas for frying pancakes, for example. Of course, it’s easier if you take your own food from the catering service in thermal boxes. And, your own drinks – there are no on-board or on-island outlets.


There are plenty of things to do on the island. The Island’s host is happy to help with the sauna and firewood. The nature trail is short enough (the island is so small) to fit into most people’s itineraries.

The sauna can be booked for three hours and it’s probably a good idea to split into groups according to the size of the group.

Equipment needed: outdoor clothing (according to the weather), towel, swimsuit, water bottle. Sausage can also be a good idea after the sauna – grilled over an open fire.

  • Suitable Group Size: 15-30 (vessel is registered for 63 people).
  • Time: weekdays Mon-Thu, day or evening, May – September (also in October).
  • Price: 69€/person including island cruises, crew services, sauna on the island.
  • Self-catering – food and drinks welcome

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Archipelago Cruise and Culinary Experience, 6h

Juhlaravintola Maisa, Saaristobrunssi, MS Intti

The highlight of Lake Näsijärvi cruises

The island brunch is catered to order from mid-May to the end of October from Monday to Saturday at Juhlaravintola Maisa in Teisko. Minimum number of participants 20 people. Vessels registered for 60. Either MS Intti or MS Nottbeck.

Duration six hours; cruise to Maisansalo in Teisko two hours, lunch or dinner in the banqueting house in Maisa two hours, cruise to Tampere two hours.

Programme A: 10:00 Departure, 16:00 Return
Programme B: 16:30 Departure, 22:30 Return

Price 79€/person + VAT 10% includes boat, cruise, crew services and island brunch at Juhlaravintola Maisa. Price does not include alcoholic drinks in the restaurant or on board. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks on board. There is no on-board sales.

Departure from the port of Mustalahti (driving instructions)

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Guided tour on Lake Näsijärvi for groups (min 20 persons)

Risteilyt Tampere, Cruises Näsijärvi

A relaxing one and a half hour cruise on Lake Näsijärvi.

The skipper will guide you and explain the history of shipping on the lake and the industrial development of the lake’s shores.

The cruise is a nice addition – maybe even a little rest – to your day.

Coffee is available either on request for the whole group (extra charge) or at the passengers’ own expense (small onboard menu). Soft drinks, coffee and buns are available on board at reasonable prices. Your own sparkling or other drinks are allowed. There is no sale of alcohol on board.

The vessel will be either M/S Nottbeck or M/S Intti. Both vessels are registered for 60 passengers. We depart from the port of Mustalahti. The ships are not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Available from mid-May to the end of September, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 15:00. Price 20€/person including VAT. Minimum booking 20 passengers.


Tours on the Lake Näsijärvi

There are actually two good alternatives for you:

A.  Participate the Mini Cruises

Just follow our webpages and then You know when we are leaving from Mustalahti Harbour. Just click the suitable cruise / upcoming events  and let us know that you are coming.  You can walk there, take a bus or taxi – we are close to the Amusement Park Särkänniemi.  Relaxing One or Two Hour cruises are popular.  Its a short – often guided tour. Tickets are sold on the boat – cash and cards are welcome.

B. Or to book the whole ship:

You can book the whole ship and crew just for your group. You decide the amount of hours and service you want. Daytime, especially from Monday to Thursday the shippers tend to give You good price.  Please fill the contact form and we very soon give you a nice offer. Own drinks and food is welcome on our boats.

Easiest way to start is to fill the form and press send  and then we can discuss the details. Here is the link