Sauna Island Experience, 6h

SIRPA’S ISLAND AND SAUNA TOUR for 20, duration 6 hours

13.00 we depart from Tampere Mustalahti Harbour, Island cruise

On the way we will have a rustic meal. Sirpa’s soup lunch. Your own drinks (beer, wine) and snacks are welcome – there is no on-board licensing or sales.

14.30 we arrive at the island of Peronsaari. A nature trail around the small island in the rugged rocky landscape is a good start to the island programme.

An old wood-fired sauna is located on the western island on a rocky outcrop just off the beach. The sauna can hold ten people at a time. The sauna has a large pot of hot water for washing. There is no electricity on the island and no shower. A large group decides for itself in which order and in which outfit to take a sauna.

In between the sauna, swimming and nature walks, various games can be a nice and relaxing pastime, unless you are interested in fishing. Mölkky, petanque and darts are popular.

The outdoors does whet the appetite. All we have to do is to bake/grill the sausages brought by Sirpa (you can bring your own sausages, of course, if the basic lunch is not part of your diet).

Sirpa fries pancakes really well. There are several large frying pans on the island and enough covered space (not heated – except under the canopy on the side of the main building). The queue for the pancakes is usually never-ending. Sirpa is always amazed at the choice. Perhaps part of the reason is the jams etc. she makes from berries she picks herself. After all, her food is all home-made local anyway – being the daughter of a farmhouse.

17.30 we untie the ropes and head for Tampere. On the way, Sirpa will make coffee and serve pies, etc. We’ll play music if we feel like it.

19.00 Arrival at Mustalahti Marina.


  • bring your own drinks – no on-board or on-island sales
  • swimwear and towel
  • clothing suitable for the weather, warm outdoor clothing if necessary
  • A water bottle is also useful – the island has excellent well water (hand pump).

Suitable group size: 15-30

Price (20 people) 130€+tax 10%/person for the whole 6-hour package. Extra hours 200€+VAT 10%.

  • This includes the boat, cruises and crew (6 hours),
  • Sirpa’s caterer and catering for the whole trip.
  • Sauna on the island

Usually Sirpa’s husband Keijo (who has recorded seaman songs) is also on board. If there is time, Sirpa will play the accordion and Keiijo will be the singer.


Usually in high season, Monday and Tuesday and Thursday fit in with the rest of the island’s programme. From mid-May at least until the end of September. Departure times can be arranged.

Video  Peronsaari  Sauna Island.