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Cruises on the Lake Näsijärvi, Tampere, Finland – alternatives

Enjoy the atmosphere of an old steamer – since 1902

A.  Mini Cruises (1-2 hours)

From 10 to 25 euros per person. Guided tour. Coffee, tea and soft drinks on board 5 euros/person. Individual travelers can buy their tickets on board with cash or credit card.

Timetables for these mini cruises will be informed very close to the actual day of the event (e.g. we first book charter cruises  and then the mini cruises in to the sailing calendar). Advance booking is possible.

Link to the events calendar: Next mini cruises

Groups/tour organisers are welcome to book/ to suggest mini and theme cruises in advance. Contact skipper. And check the calendar.

B) Theme cruises:

There are two ways of arranging thema cruises: A. You can book the whole ship – passenger number from 20, or B. You can book/suggest theme cruise for a smaller group (from 10). In this case the skipper then sells tickets for other passengers/individuals as well.

Lunch and one hour cruise:

Lunch in the Harbour Restaurant Kaisla and one hour cruise, price 28€/person, min 10 passengers/lunch quests, workdays mo-fri, lunctime (f.ex. Lunch at 11.00 and cruise 12.00-13.00. The traditional ship ms Intti is parked just in front of the restaurant.

Boat and Bike

You have had your breakfast and you are ready for a slow boat ride to a nearby destination. If your group chooses f.ex. a ride to Maisansalo or Pimeesalmi – you can have your lunch there. You can take your bikes to the boat and drive back to Tampere. Or the other way around.

If you are a bigger group of bikers,  you can start/devide in two teams and meet at the destination (lunch etc.) – the first half takes the boat while the others take  the bikes – and then you change the roles on the way back.

Transportation/boat ticket Maisansalo 30€/person, min 20 pass. Pimeesalmi 20€, min 20 pass.

C) Charter Cruises (entire vessel)

Charter cruise

The most often used option is to charter the entire vessel for desired  duration. Together we design the program: departure and arrival hours, number of participants, destination or possible calls at ports along the route,  meals etc.

Sauna and swimming

We drive the boat to Kitusenlahti in Aitolahti. We heat the sauna oven by wood under our way to the destination. Then we stop and put the stairs/latter in to the water. While having sauna you can also jump in to the fresh water and enjoy the nordic peaceful nature. Take your swimming suite and perhaps your towel as well with you. In the heat of the sauna there is room for four people at the same time. The participants can do the sauna heating by them selves – our crew will give instructions when needed.  Own drinks and food welcome. You can ask also catering service. The cruise takes three hours.

The cruise, the whole ship, the sauna and the services of the crew amount to 950€+ vat 10% for three hours, extra hour 250€+vat 10%.

Cruises on the Lake Näsijärvi, Sauna cruises, Mini cruises, Theme cruises
Possible destinations, Season: May-October, Boat Capacity 60.
Tilausristeilyt Tampereella, Näsijärvellä, suosikkikohteet Peronsaari, Pimeesalmi, Aunessilta, Maisansalo, Murole
Favorite destinations, Aunes bridge, Maisansalo, Pimeesalmi, Peronsaari -island.